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Doofus Watch


Sorkin Scolds Media

17 December 2014

Aaron Sorkin at PaleyFest 2013
BBC News - Sony hacks: Sorkin says media are 'morally treasonous'

The messages read like something from a bad Hollywood film about Hollywood. The misbehaviour of egotistical studio executives, petulant stars and dictatorial directors seem…

Meanwhile in Afghanistan

17 December 2014

In Afghanistan
Ex-provincial council candidate arrested over kidnap charges - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan News Agency A former candidate of the provincial council elections, Enayatullah Taqat, was arrested over kidnapping charges by the Afghan intelligence operatives.

Doofus Week

28 April 2013

Doofus Watch has to be selective. The last week was fully of candidates who did not make the cut, losing out to some unlikely suspects.

W. Obama

All the #teamprez were playing nicey-nice at SMU in observance of the ridiculous concept of a library named George W. Bush. Sure, he is a doofus, but that goes without saying these days.

The doofidity of it this week is that Obama seems unable to avoid being W. Obama. He just cannot leave Syria alone. He drew a red line. The whole world is pretty sure that red line has been crossed. Now what?

Is he going to start Iraq War II in Syria? If he does not, will anyone take him seriously again?

When will doofi ever learn to leave the internals of Arab countries alone? It is as if the Arab Spring taught us nothing.

Southern Baptist Hostile

The amazing thing here is that the Southern Baptist webmasters were the only sane parties in this affair.

The Southern Baptist website was blocked, at least to some browsers on some military networks. There was a notice about “hostile” content on the site. Doofi being really too stupid for the Internet did not recognize that the notice was about malware. So the alarm went out: the US military is hostile to Southern Baptists or considers Southern Baptists hostile to the military. Or something.

Something had triggered the block and warning in an automatic defensive program. That something might have been a virus on the Southern Baptist site, something innocuous in itself that creates a security hole, or a link to a questionable spammy or malware site.

Every site on the web is under more or less constant attack, as anyone who goes through his server logs will know. You do not have to be a doofus to become a victim. One day you encounter a nasty warning about your site on Google or your browser refuses to open a page on your site. It is frustrating cleaning up and applying for reviews of your site, but as the Southern Baptist webmasters acknowledged, precautions are necessary these days.

Doofi on Parade

Bradley Manning was invited and uninvited to be an honorary grand marshal of the San Fransisco Gay Pride Parade in a whiplash-inducing U-turn as the sissies were shocked to realize how close they had come to doing something courageous.

In case you are thinking he is some kind of football guy, this Manning is in custody for providing Wikileaks with material the US military labelled “secret,” and there was no chance of his actually appearing at the event.

The conversion of gay people to straight people with an unfortunate birth defect is nearly complete.

Sacred Landing Gear

A bit that might have been part of one of the 9/11 planes showed up in a narrow space adjacent to a building in lower Manhattan that is being renovated to become a Muslim cultural center.

There are some indications that the part was planted in this place (such as that it was found with some rope that surely would have been destroyed in 9/11). Whether it fell where it was found or was helped, it seems likely to rekindle the religious war over the site.

Apparently any relic of 9/11 is considered sacred by the doofi, sacred that is, to every religion except Islam. Magical god-think is hard to figure, but apparently 9/11 places are sacred in some way that every other place where innocent people have been killed is not so much.

More “Miranda Rights” foolishness

The doofi are still stirred up with the belief that there is such a thing as Mrianda rights, and now it is about a federal judge giving the imaginary rights to the surviving alleged marathon bomber.

The explosion in West, Texas killed five times as many people as the marathon bombs. The garment factory collapse in Bangladesh killed 100 times as many (more or less). Has anyone given the fertilizer plant owners and operators their Miranda rights? How about Walmart, The Gap, and other retailers who keep death-trap factories in business. Any of them get Mirandized?

Okay, it is a silly question. Everyone knows, people killed by terrorism are way more dead than people killed by greedy bosses.

DUI DA: Golden Opportunity

23 April 2013

Booking photo - Travis Co. Sheriff
Rosemary Lehmberg

Drinking can lead to many awkward situations. When you blow a 0.23 and have an opened bottle of vodka in your front seat, that is not just a little too much wine with dinner. You are a drunk. And if you were driving, you belong in jail. That is where Rosemary Lehmberg is. Now it gets awkward.

Rosemary Lehmberg is the Travis County district attorney. In Texas it is not really so awkward to drink and drive and hold public office. People almost expect it. The history of the state is pretty much the story of drunks and dry drunks — hey, remember when Ann Richards who had pretended to be a liberal, signed the (anti-)sodomy law into effect and the gay politicos defended her action? What a hoot! It gets a little more awkward.

You see Austin, which is the principal dookie in the Travis County porcelain fixture, is a place where people are smug and moral in the vaguely green way. No free shopping bags for poor people. No smoking on public land, not even in the open air (unless it is not tobacco), etc. Where live music, and its self-appointed capital, would be without alcohol revenues which entail many people driving home drunk from bars is something of a puzzle. At any rate, some people in Austin think Austin is too good to have a drunk-driving DA. And that would be awkward for Rosemary, but it gets more awkward for everyone in the state.

If you have forgot or never learned your state capitals, Texas has one, and it is Austin. Austin is in Travis County, Travis County has a drunk-driving DA, and oh yes, the drunk-driving DA is a Democrat. While dipso officials are not rare in Texas, Democrats are. No Democrat holds a statewide office in Texas.

Now, Governor-for-Life Rick Perry practically invented crony capitalism. He gets credit for it anyway in the pages of The Wall Street Journal, and in the speeches of Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin. And when people like that think your business practices are not entirely on the up-and-up, you are what honest people call ‘a crook.’ He has been somewhat hindered by the fact that much state business occurs in Austin (the capital, remember?), Austin is in Travis County, and the Travis County DA is that rarest of rarities: a Democrat. More to the point, Travis County has a public integrity unit headed up by the drunk-driving Democrat. It is the only public integrity unit in the state, being that Austin is the capital and all.

If the drunk-driving Democrat resigns or otherwise vacates the office, guess who gets to appoint some crony to fill out her term which lasts until December, 2016? That’s right. The governor. All he has to do is appoint a fox to guard the henhouse.

Carting money out of the state treasury by the wheelbarrow will be a thing of the past. They will need boxcars to haul off their loot. That’s where it gets awkward for everyone else.

There are No Miranda Rights

23 April 2013

Carmen Miranda in The_Gang's All Here
Carman Miranda

I was hoping to expose the Doofi as morons (which they are). Un­for­tu­nate­ly, it turns out even liberals who should know better think there is such a thing as “Miranda rights.” As a for instance, Alan Ders­ho­witz who told MS­NBC “…they may have blown the death penalty, by not giving him [al­leged mar­a­thon bomber Dzho­khar Tsar­naev] his Miranda rights.”

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The Morality Snobs

21 April 2013

Mr. Modeste Tighttwat

In 2011 I wrote a comment on Queerty which included the line “Wanting equal rights is one thing, wanting to be like straight people is another.” This brought a rejoinder that began: “Nothing wrong with wanting to be like straights….” Sigh.

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Clockwork Choice

21 April 2013

A serious question underlies the endless whining of the Doofi that gay is a choice and the “Is not!” rejoinder. That question is whether such a thing as choice exists at all or whether choice is just a word we use for the illusion of freedom of action.

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Preference or Orientation?

21 April 2013

About the time the Gay Liberation movement was replaced by the gay equality campaign, sexual pref­er­ence was replaced by sexual orientation. If you were out of the room when the change was made, Read rest »

Can Str8s Get Gay Married?

21 April 2013

Achilles Discoverd by Ulysses

As a small child (maybe 5 or 6 years old), I attempted to protest racial segregation by drinking from “Colored” fountains. It was many years before I understood this was not much of a protest and probably was extremely offensive, as if I meant to demonstrate that a little white boy could drink from the “wrong” fountain with impunity.

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What was the Civil War About?

15 May 2012

The only cause at stake in the Civil War was the Southern states' desire to perpetuate slavery. Southern soldiers knew that because many of their states set out the reasons for secession in various resolutions and declarations in the attempt to justify their ordinances of secession. Read rest »